(The following information and pictures have been gleaned from the web site of the Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project.The photographs are displayed courtesy of the photographers Geoff Buxton and Dr Chris Brooke.)

The original church in Bulwell was medieval. It is believed to have been built in 1134 but there is no firm evidence for this

Christus Rex
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A church in Bulwell is mentioned in 1203 when it was given by the King to Rott de Pickering for life.

The first service in English took place in 1549 during the reformation.

In the 1760s, extensive rebuilding of the church took place. Two aisles were added in 1766 and a rectory was built in 1772. A wall was built around the churchyard and a gallery was added. In 1800, the tile roof was replaced with slate and a tower was raised.

Choir stall detail
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In the late 1840s it was decided to demolish the old church and build a new one. This work was started in 1850 and completed in 1851. The new building was consecrated by the Bishop of Lincoln.

The church was designed by the Derby architect Henry Isaac Stevens and built at a cost £3000. The church included a chancel, nave, aisles, and an embattled west tower.

Only two of the three bells of the old church survived. These were recast by Taylor of Loughborough and are part of a set of six bells that were installed in 1860.

The octagonal pulpit was installed in 1891. It is made of Caen stone, with small pillars of Derbyshire marble.

Altar tables
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In 1899 a dedicated organ chamber was built at the east end of the south aisle.

In 1900 a reredos made of alabaster was placed behind the altar.

A new baptistery was built in 1956 and a new canopy was constructed for the font.

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In the 1960s a number of improvements were made including an electrical heater, new oak altar rails, a vestry door and chancel paving.

In 1964 a reredos was donated for the altar in St George's Chapel by Stanley and Olive Thomas. It is the work of Robert Thompson, the well known 'Mouseman' of Kilburn in North Yorkshire.
List of Incumbents

1203 Robert de Pikering

By 1207 Henry de Nottingham

1241 Robert de Coleham

1266/7 Edmund de Everleye

1269 William le Waleys

1281 William de Cravene

1283 William de Hemdeshille

1300 William de Batheley

1322/3 William de Dalton

1324 Hugh de Bardelby

1326 Bartholomew de Bradden

1332 Master Robert de Wyvill

1336 John Cravenham

1349 Michael de Lyndeby

1358 Robert Blakeman

By 1366 Robert Radford

1377 William de Wythrington

1387 Robert de Cotum

1388 Philip Moungomery

1388 William Garton

1402/3 John Osmund

1414 John Frankeleyn

1430 John Grenehill

1465/6 John Elom

1501 John Wilson

1524 Richard Kirkby

1556 John Harrison

1564 George Bromeley

1588 Charles Aynsworth

1626/7 Robert Ainsworth

1641 Matthew Lacocke

1655 Thomas Greening

1667 Daniel Chadwyk

1701/2 Adam Turner

1729 Thomas Beaumont

1771 Robert Stanser

1812 Richard Ramsden Hawksworth

1817 John Wentworth Armytage

1865 William Henry Cantrell

1890 Thomas Barker Hardy

1898 Arthur Egerton Rose

1922 Stanley Mortimer Wheeler

1931 Donald Haseler

1938 Robert Percival Tinsley

1944 George Sprittles

1965 Bernard Hill

1970 Walter S Beasley

1998 Christopher Gale

2014 Andrew J Nicholls

2017 Andrew Fisher